28 January 2012

On slowing down...

I spend most of my time jumping from one thing to another, trying to 'multitask' all the time even it means just thinking/planning about too many things all at once. Its exhausting.
At the end of the day I feel that I simply wasted the day away worrying and thinking and making plans, or simply dreaming about things that aren't really there. Nothing much was accomplished. And the cycle repeats itself the next day, day after day. Weekends whiz by: I spend the time doing all the mundane stuff (TV, facebook...?), trying too hard to 'enjoy my free time', and avoiding things that really need to be done (chores?). Nope, that's not the way it works! Weeks go by, and I remain where I was, hardly moved at all. 
Rings a bell? Well, then maybe I have company!

27 January 2012

Feeling you are not quite 'livin' it up'...?

I came across this article recently. I could relate to some of the things it said.
Feeling as if you are missing out on something in life but can't name it, feeling a bit lost/confused whether you really are living your life the way you 'should'? If yes, this article may help you. 

Click here for the article.

Liked it? Here's another, on the same site, and quite related too.


The first post. Welcome! :-)

Kicking off my new blog with a very brief post.
As the description above says, I will post anything and everything I feel like sharing. Over time, though I might make it more organized, such as grouping similarly themed posts together, or maybe even giving the entire blog a single theme.
Here's hoping that I will post something almost every single day!