25 February 2012

The "computer" in movies and TV shows

I cannot count how many times I've seen movies (especially Hollywood sci-fi's) show a computer as some thing very alien or "sci-fi-like" or "futuristic" or... well, you get the idea. Computers, or more specifically what the monitor shows, in these movies do not look like the computers we all know: a windows desktop, a Linux shell/desktop, or a Mac. They are deliberately made to look like something mere mortals cannot understand, let alone work with (think the X-Men series).

18 February 2012

Use your flashlight as a 'candle'.

You can use a normal flashlight for uniform (although dim) lighting during a power cut at night. Emergency lights are better, ofcourse, but they are expensive and heavier too.
When we point our flashlight at something in the dark, its only spot-lights a small area

13 February 2012

A weekend well spent! :-)

I could write on and on about the trip I had this weekend, but that would be quite a job! So I'll post some pictures here and caption them to tell the story. Hope you find them interesting. :-) To see all the photos from this trip, click here (Picasa link). Click on the images below to see the full-res version.
Forest Stream

12 February 2012

I'm Back!

I'm just back from my weekend trip. Had a good time, overall. Finally, a weekend well spent! :-)
Will post details in a day or so, too tired right now. The photo-haul seems to be decent from a prelim glance-through but can't be too sure just yet.

10 February 2012

A Trip! YAY!! :-)

Time for another weekend trip! This time I am traveling alone to a little waterfall not very far from Kochi.
The place is called 'Thommankuthu'. Besides the waterfall I also plan to visit a dam that is said to have a really beautiful lake.
Looking forward to a lovely weekend of nature-walks, solitude, and photography!
I should be able to post a full account of the trip by Monday evening, along with the photos.

02 February 2012

Thought of the day

Here goes:  "Courage is not essentially the absence of fear, it is to keep going even when you are scared to death".
This isn't entirely original, I've seen similar quotes several times on the net. But I find that I can relate with it nicely. I fight anxiety (GAD) almost every single day and do my routine work: my job and everything else. This is what I do every day when I stick to what I am doing even though it makes me so anxious that I just want to throw it aside and run away. It's not easy, believe me. But when I have to do something despite significant anxiety I tell myself that its okay: courage to keep at it isn't merely absence of fear, it simply means to drag yourself through it anyway and get the job done. Just stay with the fight!