13 February 2012

A weekend well spent! :-)

I could write on and on about the trip I had this weekend, but that would be quite a job! So I'll post some pictures here and caption them to tell the story. Hope you find them interesting. :-) To see all the photos from this trip, click here (Picasa link). Click on the images below to see the full-res version.
Forest Stream
Forest floor
Yours truly in the middle of the forest.
That's me with my Rebel. Self-portrait using a Powershot A430. That's right, the stone-aged A430.
Star Attraction! Not in full form, though...
Some attempts at slow shutter photography.


Pineapple plantation

Pineapple market. Sorry, you can't buy just one. :-) They deal in bulk only.
Rubber plantation
Rubber pressed into sheets. 
Devil in disguise... Its chilly peppers, not some cute red berries.
Fig tree
This one's been tasted by bats!
Water apple. This is a delightful little fruit: juicy and crisp! Sweet-sour to taste. 
There is only so much I can do with a simple landscape and no polarizing filter. :(

The Ride. :D
My friend hauled me around on his bike the whole Sunday!

A quick shot of Malankara dam.

Found a bamboo pole in the forest and cut off sections of it with a Victorinox  saw blade. Just wondering what can I use the hollow tubes for...?
That's all for now! :-) 


  1. makes me want to jump inside the picture gallery... such lovely photos, they remind me of time I used to spend in Kerala, nature at its best..!!! I can associate wid each and evry pic in this gallery..the rubber sheets, pinapples, water apples..evry thng... as alwys awsum wrk.. :)

  2. Some very nice photos in your album.