26 October 2014

Where is 'home'?

"Ah! Just one more night and tomorrow we'll be on our way back home. Can't wait!", wify said as she settled down in bed at night.
We were in Delhi on our whirlwind visit to her in-laws and mine for Diwali and had started to miss Bangalore sooner than we expected. Technically, according to lots of people living away from their hometowns, we were already at home because, well, we were at home.
They would most probably hesitate/flinch at referring to their rented 'room' as home. To them, home is where and only where you grew up, and/or your parents live there. So when you are 'home' you are at your parents' place. Period.
I disagree. Respectfully.

12 October 2014

A 'Fast' Experience

Ever tried to fast for a day? I mean really, the real deal, no food and no water. I suggest you try it. Once. Just for the experience of it.
I tried it just the day before. Yes, it was worth it. :-)

07 October 2014

I need a new phone!

I have my eyes set on the Micromax Canvas A1 with Android One (Magnetic Black) . Planning to get it next month. ;-)
My current phone is a Nokia E63 (yeah, stone-aged, I know). It's not giving me any significant problems yet, but the A1 is just too tempting.