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This blog is only about things that I find interesting or worth discussing. I only write when I really have something to say. I prefer to refrain from writing about religious, political, and ethnic issues. That said, if I ever do write about any of these subjects, it would only be to encourage respect and harmony among us as civilized citizens. 
I'd rather write about photography, technology, travel, movies, and hobbies in general.

Here's something about me and my interests.

I am working as a software engineer with one of the software majors in Bangalore. I have a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Kurukshetra University (2005)

Due to my education background I am interested in DIY (do-it-yourself) electronics. Back in college I loved designing and making small circuits of my own, mostly to see theory in action. Or more accurately, taking pride in using theoretical knowledge to make something real. Trust me, if you haven't got your hands dirty, you've probably learnt only half of it from the book. So even now I sometimes tinker around a bit with my little 'kit'. It's so satisfying to see something you thought of and then put together working as it's meant to be. I recently got myself a Raspberry Pi and have been playing with it and wondering what I could make with it. 


Photography is another thing I dabbled in briefly, though purely for my own amusement. 

However, photography has taken a backseat for quite some time now, but I'd like to get back to it if I can find the time. I love colours and compositions and have an eye for good light. There are some photography-related websites and blogs that are on my daily-read list. The list is here if you'd like to see them too.

You can see some of my own photos on Picasa. All photos are freely available for download; no restrictions. 


I also like to travel, mostly for the photo opportunities that come with it! Back in the day (read, 'when I was single') I did a few weekend trips all by myself, just to be left free to concentrate on taking pictures. Yes, it was worth it. And no, I did not get as bored as some of you might be wondering! :-)

If you find this blog useful or entertaining, please leave your kind comments on posts or photos. 

If it's not too much trouble, I'd also request you to use the sponsored links you see on these pages to purchase things that you would normally purchase anyway. It would cost you absolutely nothing extra to do so. Thanks in advance!

You can email me at aashish.exclusive@gmail.com for everything else! :-)

This is a personal blog. All material presented here only reflects the author's personal opinion about the point at hand. If facts are presented, they will be described as such and accompanied by references to their sources (as far as possible anyway). 

Best Regards,
Aashish Sharma

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