13 December 2017

Fake Stories of Success and Recovery

I've done this many times before, and today I was at it again. I have a compulsive need to search for effective ways to treat or manage anxiety. I've been doing this for almost 10 years now.

Searching the web, I've read more articles and blog posts about anxiety than I can remember. I've read hundreds of success stories of people who apparently fought their way out of the mess that is anxiety and related disorders.

16 September 2017

Getting nostalgic about... nostalgia!

It started when I was in college. By this time of the year, right around Diwali, a strangely nostalgic feeling would come over me. I could never point out what was I really getting nostalgic about, but I felt it anyway. It was poignant, as all nostalgia is, but it was also something else. It was beautiful.

20 May 2017

Song Memories

I feel a really good blog post coming on and I'd better write it down before it fades away like a dream does after you wake up.

04 May 2017

A Forgotten Picture

I would like to show a picture that I clicked more than 6 years ago using a smartphone camera. The phone was a Nokia E63, that was very closely a Blackberry knock-off. It was a very good phone of its time and I have good memories of it.