04 May 2017

A Forgotten Picture

I would like to show a picture that I clicked more than 6 years ago using a smartphone camera. The phone was a Nokia E63, that was very closely a Blackberry knock-off. It was a very good phone of its time and I have good memories of it.

But its camera was terrible, even by standards of its time. I never cared much for a phone-camera's performance (still don't) so it hardly mattered to me. I trusted my little Canon digicam for any shot worth taking.

That being said, I knew how to drive a camera, or could learn my way around an unfamiliar one in a short time. So I 'learnt' my phone's severely crippled camera, too, and what it could or couldn't do. With that camera I once managed this shot.

Of course its very grainy and not very sharp, but I really like the colours and composition. It's simple, yet pleasing.

So what I really want to say is this:
Camera does not matter. Learn how to drive the camera that you have and it will outperform your expectations.


P.S. That little white thing at the top of the picture is the moon. :-)

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