22 October 2016

Back Home!

Well, a much delayed announcement as I've been back home for about three weeks now. 
Dubai was nice, overall anyway. But I was rather busy the most of the time, and lazy while I wasn't while I was there. That explains why I didn't even add a second post about my 'experience' in Dubai. No excuses, just plain lazy. I spent much of my free time watching YouTube and TV.
I went around a little bit and saw some nice things and places, though. Here's a link to my Google photos album if you'd like to see some photos. Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Dubai is a great city with great infrastructure, tourism, and has all good things that money can buy. But you see respect for local culture and religion too. For instance during the azan, which happens five times a day, all music and entertainment in public places such as malls goes silent in pious respect.
You can shop-till-you-drop in amazing malls, savour rich variety of food, go sand-dune bashing, hang out in the souks, and do much more depending on your taste and pocket-size. Dubai has something for everyone to enjoy, but I'd like to say that most of the really good things require a rather heavy wallet. Shopping freely is only feasible if either you are carrying a ton of cash, or the store is giving a handsome discount. 

I've been musing today about something and I'd like to write about it here, but I think it should be another post.


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