29 August 2014

Reason in Tradition (Hint: they don't mix!)

Tradition and reason don't seem to go very well together. Mostly.
No egg/non-veg on any of the Hindu festivals. Here you may fill-in any such tradition that comes to your mind; this was just an example. Honestly, I don't see any substantial 'reason' for this abstinence. But then, reason and tradition are not the best of friends.

24 August 2014

Software Engineers of Bangalore: What's with the backpack, dude?

You don't need a keen eye to spot a quintessential software engineer on the streets of Bangalore. The city's lousy with them. In fact, you don't even need an eye: just hurl a brick with your eyes shut, and you are likely to hit one (or more!). I've known Bangalore for 8 years, I know! :-)

17 August 2014

New Lights on the Horizon!

I've already posted this on my facebook page, but I still felt like making a blog post out of it.
About a week back I bought a LED-equivalent of a 10W light-bulb (the type we use as a night lamp). It's just a light-bulb, so what's so exciting about it? Well, consider this: it only consumes 1/20th of the power of the regular one! That's right, its power rating is a meager 0.5W!
The reason for my excitement is that I've waited for the day when LED-based lighting would start to become economically feasible, when we could hope to buy LED light-bulbs for not-too-much money. And the day is upon me, apparently. :-)
Why all the fuss about LED's? Here's why.