29 August 2014

Reason in Tradition (Hint: they don't mix!)

Tradition and reason don't seem to go very well together. Mostly.
No egg/non-veg on any of the Hindu festivals. Here you may fill-in any such tradition that comes to your mind; this was just an example. Honestly, I don't see any substantial 'reason' for this abstinence. But then, reason and tradition are not the best of friends.

Tradition just 'is', that's why its called 'tradition'. It is meant to be followed without question and without any need for 'reason' to step-in. There doesn't have to be anything time-relevant or logical about it. I mean if you can find enough relevance/logic/reason for it, good for you, but it is never a requirement
Reason is, well, you know, reasonable. It has everything to do with relevance and practicality. 
So, no, no need to justify refraining from non-veg on a Hindu festival. No need to question the need/logic/significance, either. It's our tradition, and that's the way it's supposed to be.
A very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all! May the Lord bless you with happiness and success!

Thanks for reading, and comments welcome, as always! :-)

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