20 May 2017

Song Memories

I feel a really good blog post coming on and I'd better write it down before it fades away like a dream does after you wake up.

A few days back I heard a song on the radio; one that I only heard a few times many ages ago, but I instantly recognized the voice. It was Bryan Adams! It was wonderful, really. So today I looked up 'One night love affair' on YouTube and there it was! I listened to it more than a few times, letting all the memories of the time when I was a huge fan come rushing in, soaking in that superb music and vocals, and generally having a party by myself.
Here is the YouTube link for y'all to enjoy, if you are a Bryan Adams' fan.

This particular song is less familiar to me, I should admit, but I had his another album "So Far So Good" on tape and I wore it down listening to it. It was my treasure. Ofcourse I loved 'summer of '69', 'everything I do', 'heaven', and many more. Over time, however, I grew out of these songs, developed different tastes, kind of moved on. But listening to these oldies today felt so good as I've not felt in a long time; in fact I've practically stopped listening to any kind of music for quite some time now.

More than anything, these songs reminded me of the good times when I was young and had my own little world of dreams and fantasies. Well, dreams and fantasies somehow died a slow and quiet death and are now dead and burried. No more hopes and dreams, no more grand wishes and plans; just a quiet struggle to trudge hopelessly blank through each day. The only tiny hopes are to just survive for the rest of my life and hope to raise enough to stay comfortable. Nope, you can't tell me to just 'cheer-up, take a break, watch a movie or something' or worse 'go have some change/adventure/trip'. Those don't work and I know better, sorry. I know a lot of you still have grand ambitions for the future, more power to the lot of you.

Back on the main topic: enjoy the song, enjoy a few more like it, refresh your minds and memories, and have a good time!



  1. Hi Aashish,

    You just reciprocated my own feelings and thoughts...

    I have been an ardent fan of Bryan Adams.. in my lonely nights and hard days, his was the voice that made me to just carry on....

    I guess this current phase of life, as you described, is happening with us all in a way...

    Somewhat down the line, the dreams have faded way, the zeal has gone down and we just want to carry on till the last day.. in life....

    I wish, we all in this phase can hold our hands and take this journey together... and perhaps then... MAY BE.... some part of our lost zeal and dreams may come back to us !!!!

    1. First, thanks for responding here instead of FB, really, it means a lot. :-)
      I too hope we will go back to be dreamers and hopers someday soon. I hope it's just a phase.

      Good to hear from you. I follow your FB activity and it tells me you are doing quite alright. I'm glad.

      Keep in touch!