07 October 2014

I need a new phone!

I have my eyes set on the Micromax Canvas A1 with Android One (Magnetic Black) . Planning to get it next month. ;-)
My current phone is a Nokia E63 (yeah, stone-aged, I know). It's not giving me any significant problems yet, but the A1 is just too tempting.
For me the biggest draw is that it's an all-Google phone: Google's hardware specifications (and design too, if I'm not mistaken) and Google's software.  It's basically an android phone done the way Google intended an android phone to be. And the price! Oh the price! It's quite cheap for the specifications while being as true-to-Google as it gets. Sounds like a winner to me!
A quick read of the Android One website deepens my faith, too. So for me it's the 'Google-ness' of it besides the already impressive tech specs. For specifications alone there are better options in the market. I can almost hear you muttering RedMi or Moto E. :-) But for now I’m sold on this one.

Reviews on Amazon are good to very good, which is encouraging. I'm not a high-end phone user: I don't need gazillion pixels and colors, heavy games, or more than a couple of apps running at a time. I couldn't care less about G-sensor, GPS, number of available apps, or even dual-sim! I’d go as far as saying that I don’t even need a top-notch camera; most phone cameras today give enough ‘performance’ for my expectations. I don’t watch (or make) movies on my phone, so I don’t need more than a few G’s of storage either. All I need in my phone is a decent browser, file manager, PDF viewer, and a semi-decent music player besides the usual basic functionalities.

If anyone's got it recently, I'd appreciate it if you could drop a comment about how you like it so far. :-) I’ll post a review when I get mine.



  1. i got Moto G (Gen 1) and it is also pure google phone.. check its review too

    1. Thanks for the tip man, though I doubt if it will be in the same price range. :-) . But will check it out.

  2. It is in same price range as far as i knw......good good le lo jaldi se naya phone!

  3. It is in same price range as far as i knw......good good le lo jaldi se naya phone!