29 September 2014

Thought of the day

This is not a short working week; this is an awfully long Friday!
And we all know why is that: with Thursday and Friday off this week, a significant portion of the working population is effectively not working at all.

At the office, I can't shake the feeling that I'm in the wrong place; as if I'm actually supposed to be present elsewhere, but have somehow lost my way or forgotten to leave altogether. Friday is in the air!
No one seems willing to get their head in work. Instead, they float around chit-chatting, browsing on their phones (or workstations), killing time, and waiting eagerly for the time of the day when they would have no moral dilemmas to just leave the building. It has to be Friday; no way it’s ‘Monday’!
Me? Well, I have important things to do. We have to deliver tomorrow, so I'm working. Late.
That aside, I'm looking forward to the looooooong weekend too. Tons of time to kill. No 'plans' whatsoever.

Hope you have lots of plans and a long list of things-to-do. But don't sweat it if you have none. Just enjoy your well-deserved long break and go to work on Monday refreshed and ready for anything that your job may throw at you!
Have a great weekend, everyone! :-)

Best Wishes,

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