12 September 2014

SMS? What's that?

When was the last time you actually sent a 'text', the good old-fashioned SMS?
I sent one today after countless days of using whatsnot messengers and such. I've been receiving texts for bank account updates, billing reminders, ads, but I haven't actually sent one to anyone in my contact list. For many days (months?).

In the olden days (college?), texts were the cheapest way to chat with pals: recharge with a top-up pack and get tons of SMS free! And we were quite happy even with that. These days its hard to choose from messenger apps with ever increasing features. Picture sharing? You got it! Video sharing, audio messages? Here you go! No voice calls on your old app? Try this new one! 
So, what's next?

Anyway, for all you nostalgia fans out there, here's something to refresh your memory. Remember this? 
(Edit: try viewing the web version, if you are reading this on mobile)

Or this
,,,acha bahla dost tha,



Mai ne


_/""\_ura di,

SMS jo nahi krta tha. App ka b yehi irada ha kya?

One last
( ' o ' )
I Love You

LOL! :-D

Have a great weekend! :-)