11 September 2014

There's hope for you too - Part 2

Hello there! 
So, I’ll begin where I left off last time.
As I said, there is nothing wrong with your abilities, only with your belief about yourself. If you have thought about it dispassionately, you might have seen a hint of truth in there. If you haven’t, then I have something else for you.

I have been reading a book called “Feeling Good”, by Dr. David Burns. Dr. Burns is a co-founder of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT method of treatment for psychological disorders, especially depression and anxiety. If you have been researching your ‘condition’, I’m sure you know what that is. You virtually can’t run the keywords anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, through Google without running into the term CBT. It’s everywhere. 
(I suggest you look-up Dr. David Burns too.)

Okay, I’ll try to paraphrase what Dr. Burns has to say about negative emotions like depression and anxiety. The basic premise is this: Most of our negative emotions are a result of our distorted thinking. These distortions are at the root of disorders like anxiety, depression, phobias, and such. Identifying these distortions and then systematically training to eliminate them treats a person from these conditions.

So, there! Your false belief is a distortion, too! And it’s only a distortion; hardly more. There are proven, yet deceptively simple ways to train your mind to see things differently, to see the truth, the way things really are, and in time fix your thinking for a lasting effect.
Make no mistake, this is hard work! But with your self-inflicted torture you are living in hell as it is; what’s there to lose?
Get your hands on a copy of this book if you can. More importantly, try to work with it. Trust me: those simple techniques can make a big difference.

Next time I will post a couple of little strategies that I learnt from the book and modified them just a little to suit me better.
(Edit: Part 1was here)

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