25 September 2014

Birthday Special

It was my birthday yesterday (24th Sept). Wishes poured in from friends and loved ones. Wife and I had a great time having our own little celebration. At work there was a little cake-cutting, courtsey of my dear colleagues. All in all, a great birthday, no question! Couldn't be better.
However, there was something other than the usual celebrations and wishes that made it even better.

As I logged into my desktop and opened my email, there was a surprise waiting for me. Through the company's internal 'social networking site' (yes, we have something like that), my colleagues had bestowed upon me a peer-recognition award! The citation went like this:
Dear Aashish,
This is for all the help and support that you have provided to the team members. You have always been around to give your guidance and helping hand for everyone. You have been enthusiastic in taking up activities assigned to you and committed to getting the job done.
We would like to say a big "Thank you"! :)

Best Regards,
qwerty Team

If that isn't the sweetest thing, I don't know what is! :-) What an honour! I was too tongue-tied to give a fitting response in the moment, so I'll try again now:
To all my fellow team members,
It is my pleasure and honour to work with you. I learn from you too, and I'm fortunate to be of help in-turn.
The rapport we share is great and that makes working together so much easier without any conflicts.
Thanks to everyone for all the support and respect! I look forward to continue working with you.


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