Photography Links

People who know me also know that I am fond of taking pictures. On this page I'd like to share some of the links that I found helpful for learning to take better photos, and also some of the photography-related websites that I visit often. Hope you find them useful too. The list will grow, so check for updates.

Ken Rockwell's Website

This is the most helpful website I ever found for tips about how to take better pictures (with any camera), and also how to find joy in it. Here's the link to the tips/tutorials page on the website: Ken Rockwell's Photography Articles. There is plenty of camera advice too, and I mean plenty.

The Online Photographer

Here's another one that I really must share with all of you: This one is a daily must-read for me.


Who hasn't heard of Strobist? Here's the link anyway

My Gallery

Last but not the least, here's a link to my own Google Photos Gallery

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