18 March 2012


Okay, I hardly told a soul around me that I am going abroad for a month and now here I am sitting in my hotel room feeling lost and lonely on a Sunday morning with no one from back there asking 'you alright, man', or 'how do you like it there? settled into the new routine yet?'.
My bad.
I can explain the not-told-a-soul thing: lets just say it was more like I'm-not-sure-if-I-can-make-it than anything else. Everything happened at such short notice that it was very uncertain until I got my flight tickets, and then I hardly had the time to tell anyone and explain the story. 
To details: I am in US on official purpose for almost a month.  I reached here on the 14th of this month. The office is located in Philadelphia and the hotel is in New Jersey. No, my phone will not be reachable, but everyone's more than welcome to mail me or leave messages/chat on gtalk (or leave comments on the blog!). Another colleague has come with me too, so I have some company.

Do I like it here...?
Good question. Long story short, I don't. Not YET
Its the mother of all culture shocks; moving from Delhi to Bangalore to Kochi was nothing compared to this. The weather's cold and dry which makes it hard for me to even fully recall the heat and humidity of Kochi. 
On the bright side, I hope to have a new, learning experience working with the client here, observing people and their lifestyle, and taking a few snapshots each day. :-)
But in this moment, all is blue. Arjun (my roomie/colleague) is out with his friends for the weekend and my boss (yeah, he's here too. Will be here for a few days. He's nice, though.) is taking care of his own work. So I'm sitting here in my room grounded as I hardly know my way around here and everything has to be explored first. 

I plan to update this blog often now, if time permits and even post pictures regularly. 
This post is becoming a bit too long: will write more in new posts soon. Please also take a look at the Recent Photos page (a tab at the top of the page).

Thanks for reading! :-)


  1. hey nice buddy..have fun there..looking forward to your shots :)

  2. Oh really happy to know that you are in the US now. This post made reminded me of my initial days in Munich, Germany :-) But the good thing is that you'll probably get more time to explore places, people and most importantly capture those moments...Looking forward to reading more :-)

    Happy Blogging!

    ~ Laxmy

    1. Thanks Laxmy! Will try to make the most of my time here. :-)

  3. hii aashish,Hav gud time over ther..:)

  4. Kindly reveal your name, anonymous. :-)

  5. arey aap bore ho rahe ho??

    As far as i know about u..u can go alone nd roam around some places...do wat u love the most! :)

  6. Can't wait to see your photos. Good luck, and I hope you start to adjust to your new surroundings.