17 June 2012

Why so much hatred...?

Is it just me or has the amount of hatred in the world overflown already? Everyone finds it so convenient to spew such terrible things about the government, the people of the govt., scams, and everything else that all I can see around me is negativity. This is just so depressing!

When we didn't have the facebooks and twitters and all these (I can't believe they have such a fancy term for these, after what these have become) "social networking" sites, society still faced many of the problems that we have today. All of it was discussed in newspapers, TV, or in tea shops and living rooms where people let out their frustrations talking their heart's out about everything about the world. It was all still easier to live with: the discussions would be over and people would get back to doing whatever it was they did with their lives. The discussion would be left alone and that was that. Not anymore.
All these blog sites, facebook, twitter, etc have taken up a (disturbing) secondary role to let out your anger and hate at the drop of a hat. What's more, people in your friend lists will readily join in and add their own wisdom to it. It soon becomes so amplified, that I just can't bear to read any of it. People's focus seems to have shifted from doing something worthwhile and getting credited for that, to craving for momentary and instant gratification in such (almost puking now...) "forums". YUCKK!!
I'd surely like to question those to try to become "researchers" by googling a few things about anyone famous/important and then posting all that crap in all the possible places they can. There is more than enough false and out-of-context, misquoted, falsely correlated information out there on the web. You can possibly dig out any amount of dirty stuff about nearly anyone (except the Pope, maybe) and then launch a personal attack on him or her on your favourite "social" website.

What I'd like to say is this: it is okay to criticize and complain and point out the wrong, but lets not overdo it. Lets do it right by focusing only on, say what the govt. did wrong, rather than getting so very personal about people. I've seen enough personal attacks on people who are complete strangers (personally not known) to most people, and the attackers go to any length to dig out loads of dirty and personal history of these strangers. Also, let us also acknowledge that we can fix a lot of problems that we have around us by starting a culture of civilized conduct, and work towards it. Let us also now forget what role we have in the society as a student, worker, teacher, etc, and (for goodness's sake!!!) focus on doing our own work properly, instead of spending such humongous amount of energy in spreading negativity. In other words, please mind your own job *first*.
You know, everyone around you is becoming a 'crusader of truth and justice' by posting crap on his page. Please try and be different by being more civil and minding your own business better than the next guy (because he doesn't seem to mind his as much as he should).


P.S. I know I will get flamed for this and nitpickers will soon gather around like vultures and start to pick on me with their talons. So please, if you have got the point then leave it at that, and if you haven't please care to read through it once more. I've made my point clear enough, I believe. 

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  1. Can't wait to read posts like 'Why so much anger...?', 'Why so much stupidity...?' etc.. from the blogger.