26 April 2013

Toying with small stuff.

I've been playing with my wooden chess board lately. :-) Here's a link to some pics of it:
Please take a look and let me know what you think of it.

I got that Angry Bird toy at a book store recently. Then I found use for it as a prop in photography. I couldn't get enough ideas to go with if I used chess pieces alone, so I thought 'what if the chess army had to face something that they had never seen before?'.
I'd like to take the idea further by not only staging battle 'face-offs', but maybe even show black 'n white getting together for some fun stuff. I need more props! But I don't know where can I find toys so small. Hmm... Will checkout a toy store soon.
I have load of ideas right now. Can't tell you all about them right now, let there be some surprises.
Will post more pics soon. Thanks for taking a look!
[Edit]: I'll post the new pics here anyway. Here goes:


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