30 November 2014


A few days back I purchased this online:

It's called Rewind. This little piece of plastic helps keep your earphone chords from becoming a tangled mess. You could use it to manage other chords too, with a little creativity ofcourse. 

The inventors of Rewind are Witworks. From the About Us page of Witworks: "Witworks is a Bangalore based collaborative invention company, which designs and sells consumer products created by its online community.
As for their first product, Rewind, you can see and read all about it from their website. In summary, it's a nifty little idea solving a common problem. Even though the gadget itself doesn't use complex technology to solve the problem, modern prototyping and materials technology made it feasible as a product. 
I came across it on Facebook, when someone posted a link to the website (and it earned him a small discount on the purchase). I took the bait and clicked. The promo video was very impressive. It told the story of Rewind and witworks: how a bunch of enterprising college graduates got together, had an idea, and then went onto make it into a product. More than the product (Rewind) I was impressed by their story: the courage, persistence, and spirit of enterprise. And this was the reason I purchased Rewind. I wanted to support the people who had the courage to go for it, and potentially inspire many others to do the same. And they were offering a better discount on buying three so I went for the offer. That, and I really like the name of their company. :-)
All said, Rewind is still a bit pricey. Sure, this may be due to all the investment costs of R&D, prototyping, marketing, and what not, but for the buyer it does feel a little costly. Yep, its the hard truth about it, in my opinion. Drop the price some more and it should sell better.
But it does solve the tangled wires issue nicely, just like they show in the video. Practice winding-up your chords a few times and its easy enough. 

Checkout their website and the videos, here.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. The pics here were taken with a phone cam. :-) Just wanted to make a point.

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