06 December 2014

Home Alone - I

Wify left on a two-week official trip to the states this morning. That leaves me home-alone, with more time than I know what to do with. On the flip side, it gives me an opportunity to catch up with certain things that I've been meaning to do but just didn't have the time for, and do some quiet thinking on some others.
This is going to be a series of posts to share my experience of being alone at home, along with finding out if I really can keep my promise of doing justice to 'things I wanted to do', or simply waste the time away on TV, web surfing, and sleeping.
So, this is day one. 

After seeing her off at the airport very early in the morning, back home I slept my fill today. Not a sound to disturb me, except that obnoxiously loud wall clock. The house hasn't been so quiet in months; it's almost eerie. By evening now, I've learnt to find peace in the silence. I listened (over and over again, and then again) to some music I downloaded, watched TV, made lunch, tea, and slept some more. Ah, bliss! :-)
Hey, don't get me wrong: I didn't want her to leave in the first place. But she had to; it's work! And now that I have some time, I might as well get a few things done and make the most of it. Writing about it all was also a part of the promise, so here I am catching-up on the writing. I intend to get back to my little hobby (electronics stuff) tonight and finish-up a little on a board I had started to design earlier. 
All in all, not a bad start. Wish me luck so I can keep at it and make the most of my little 'vacation' time. I'll write more about my little accomplishments and adventure and musings in the days to come. :-)

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