02 January 2015

A Pleasant Surprise!

For the past few days I've been strangely craving for some 'open' space. As in under open skies, some fresh air, and some green grass and trees, you get the drift. I thought I'd have to go someplace like Bannerghetta park or Nandi Hills to get any of the scenery I wanted to see. There is no such place close to where I live in Bangalore.
Or so I thought.

Agara lake happens to be not too far from my place. I pass by it daily on the way to work. But all these days I've vaguely seen it as a neglected pond overrun with weeds growing in the water and around it, water gone bad and smelly, and hardly anyone noticed it anymore. 
However, as I passed by it from the other side a few days back, I noticed it had a walking trail around it. Not a very well maintained one, but it still looked functional. And so I decided to give it a try today.
I reached the lake just after 5 PM when the sun had started to get lower and the weather seemed pleasant. Most of the water was covered by water hyacinth, it didn't look very 'fresh', but it wasn't exactly stinky as I had expected either. The walking trail looked alright and several people were enjoying a nice stroll. A few were jogging. Some found good spots right by the water's edge and enjoyed the view and the weather. 
There was some wildlife too: a few birds (ibis, ducks?) foraged for food in the water and made nice little wakes as they swam around. A pier-like structure at one point allowed one to get within touching distance of the water. I noticed some small fish (and tadpoles?) swimming next to it. 
Clear blue skies with a few dots of clouds, a gentle breeze, and warm light of the setting sun made it all worth being there. The sunset was particularly nice. Not bad for a lake I thought was dead, or atleast too dull. I'd recommend you to check it out if you have absolutely nothing to do one of these lazy weekends. I plan to go there again soon with my wife.
Here are some photos from my little evening walk. Feel free to give feedback! 

A Very Happy New Year 2015 to everyone. Wishing you success and happiness in everything you do! :-)


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