22 February 2015


Wife and I just got back from the movie 'Wild'. It was about a woman who suffers through a lot in life and then sets out on a 1000 mile hike to find her strength. You can easily find and read the details online. 
As one might expect, the movie was all about the hike: the physical challenges, the dangers of hiking alone through woods, remote towns, and deserts, and experiences with people along the way.
I'd say I didn't find it all that thrilling; it was a little slow, didn't have too many twists and surprises, and was more or less predictable all along. That said, it did have some spectacular photography of several regions of the US. Truly splendid. It also depicted the real challenges of hiking: the weight on your back, water (and its shortage), food, dealing with the weather, making a tent and a fire, the gruelling strain on your legs and the rest of your body. The portrayal was very accurate, atleast to my knowledge.  
The reason that I really managed to sit through the movie was that it actually brought back some memories of hikes I've had. I wasn't alone, ofcourse, with a bunch of friends a bunch of years ago. In my personal experience hiking and backpacking sounds much, much easier on TV. In the real world, hiking is hard. Fun? Yes, sure, but still hard. As you walk with a huge backpack, your shoulders and legs hurt, you crave warm food and a comfy bed, and if it rains, you get cold. Trust me, you need to understand what you are in for if you decide to go for any serious hiking. In short: be prepared. 
Kaushik, you remember Kodachadari, Green Trek route, and the Munnar trek? Each hike was enjoyable in its own way, but also had its share of challenges. I remember both sides equally well. Watching the movie today I went through all these trips in my mind. It was amazing. 
I really want to go for another hike and I know what I'm asking for. :-)
If I manage to go for one, I will post all about it here. 

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  1. Awesome post bhai! :-) I loved the movie, "Wild"! I had posted on FB around Dec' 14 as to what elements of the movie I cherished the most, shared the same via a PM on FB with you. You might also like "Tracks", slower than "Wild" and doesn't restrict to backpacking alone but deeper (philosophically) than "Wild", driving home the highs and lows of one's dream journey or one might say, journey of life!

    Ah, memorable trips each one of them! The Kodachadri and Anaerankal hikes are pretty vivid in my memory, for their rich experiences. But, the Green Route trek almost faded from my memory, thanks for helping me recall the same, one of my most beautiful hikes ever :-) Then there was also the Kemmangundi/Mullayangiri hikes, rather the way we went about the crazy Chikmagalur trip (our first together), what from (so called) planning the trip in a flash over a cup of coffee on a lazy Friday to boarding the red bus and landing up at some random place at 3 am to repairing my cam in that roadside tea stall to jumping over the gate and walls to use the IB's restroom, being chased by dogs on the Hebbe Falls hike, Nishant and mine bumpy tractor ride on the way back... Ah, wonderful memories! Probably, my most cherished one so far!

    I shall eagerly await your post on your next hike, bhai, if possible, hike with bhabhi, you would cherish the same for sure! :-) Happy hiking! :-)