25 December 2015

Remember this music-player?

Remember this?
About 10-15 years back Winamp was a very popular music player on Windows computers. It was simple to use, very inuitive, elegant, and worked quite well. However, I was never much into it as I preferred Windows Media Player over Winamp and other similar software. 

Since many of my friends loved Winamp, I got to see it around a lot and associate it with memories of college and hostel life. Good times! 
Winamp was also probably the first multimedia software I ever saw. I remember being very surprised when I first found that computers could actually play music and video, and my first introduction to it was with Winamp. 
For a long time, this player remained forgotten to me, until tonight. I just discovered a Linux (Ubuntu) equivalent of Winamp and all the old memories came back in an instant! The player is called Audacious. It's a joy to use and the interface is identical to Winamp. Only now can I truly appreciate just how well-designed Winamp was: extremely intuitive, minimal, and beautiful to look at. And ofcourse it works very well, giving very good sound quality and very good presets (downloaded separately). 

I just realized that Winamp may still be a very popular piece of software! Maybe it was just me not using it all this time. Or there could be many more souls like me out there. I just don't know and haven't really bothered to check on the internet. Let me know what you think of it, if you still use it, or have memories of it like I do. 



  1. I know what you are talking about. We were partners in crime. He he. Btw winamp is officially discontinued. But it is still available for download. Although I prefer the hack that you built for us in hostel where you extracted an fm receiver from your old stereo and connected it to some high volume speakers. I'm your fan bro.

    1. I love you too, man! :-) Yep, that sure was one hell of a hack we made.
      Since last night I've been grinning and smiling at this wonderful player. Downloaded some nice skins too. Remember them? Man, those were the days! :D